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Cloud DMS software for small and midsize businesses

Prices starting at 5.00 USD user/month.

Go paperless: All your documents in one place!

Explore the power of an enterprise level Document Management System offering you the highest level of security and global acceptance of digital documentation.

Our document management system is very easy to use, highly scalable and supports millions of documents, making every document available in just a few seconds.

Go paperless
Digital signature

Digital signature to ensure compliance

Our Cloud DMS comes with a digital signature functionality that allows for multiple signatories to endorse a single document. Create a verifiable audit trails with tamper-proof digital signatures and provides enhanced features accessible to the management.

Accounts payable automation

Manage the accounts payable process, end-to-end, starting from capturing the invoice data through to the final payment cycle. Eliminating the manual process allows your business to reduce costs and significantly decrease the risk of human error.

Go paperless
Document collaboration

Document collaboration for greater efficiency

Allow team members to view, edit, and work simultaneously on documents in real-time. Additionally, you can share documents internally and externally with ease.

Custom Forms and Workflow

Design different forms or workflows with specific rules and logic relevant to the tasks. Automatically route documents for approval and notify users of the action required. Collate data effortlessly from multiple sources with our cloud document management system.

Custom Forms

Other Cloud DMS features

Powerful Search Engine

Search in the content of a large number of documents within seconds.

Indexing and OCR

Index the content of your documents and use it to trigger workflows. Scanned images are read using OCR.

Version Control

Track changes in documents by keeping multiple versions and revisions with automatic version control.

Get access anywhere

Access your cloud DMS from any device and operating system. You just need a web browser.

Secures your documents

Highly secure documents encryption and role based access.


Manage all your documents with a secure and reliable document management solution on the cloud