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About Advantage Cloud

The scalable cloud platform that helps your small and midsize business grow.

Business software is our passion, cloud is our way!

When you choose Advantage Cloud, you don't just get an app. You get relentless devotion from us and our partners to keep improving your experience and customer satisfaction.

We provide enterprise level software to solve business problems globally. We tend to become the leading provider of business apps on the cloud. Our innovative platform is safe and secure, and our apps are scalable and customizable to the most specific business needs.

Business software is our passion

Benefits for customers

Easy to use

Just plug in and start using the apps.

Rich documentation

Extensive online documentation and training.


Web and mobile-friendly. Usable from wherever your business takes you.

Affordable solution

The lowest cost in the market of any enterprise level business app.

A real enterprise level business apps on the cloud

Advantage Cloud provides variety of business applications and eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure, software licenses, databases, and IT personnel. You can find all the software you need for your business on a single web page. Just plug in and start using the apps. We guarantee that you’ll spend minimal effort in adjustments and customizations.


Array of app features ideal for different business sizes

Advantage Cloud is setting new standards on the cloud with an array of features ideal for both the globally operating organization and the organization that wants to become one. With features like multi-currency, multi-accounting standards, multi-lingual, multi-tenant abilities, and workflow automation, Advantage Cloud easily matches up to any business app provider on the cloud.

Let’s discuss how your small and midsize business can benefit from Advantage Cloud.